After having graduated from college, I took MFA program at UMass Dartmouth, in 2014. I was very fortunate to be awarded Distinguished Art Fellowship, which offered me full scholarship and stipend. 

After having developed my works in the graduate school, I sensed the growing ambiguity in my works. Therefore, I narrowed down my focus to a specific subject: family picture. When a family takes pictures, all members usually smile. However, their inner feelings are very unlikely to accord with their smiling faces. 

During a month-long solo exhibition of twenty-five works in August 2018, I learned that appropriately attaching the original images, next to each of my final works, can significantly clarify what I want to convey in my works. 

I am currently planning to go beyond the original pictures found online; I will meet and interact with new people individually, and reflect those various dialogues in my works. 

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