Finding True Definition of Feelings in Humans: Contradiction and Duality

If you want to find out someone’s true feelings and true self, you have to look at his/her untruthful sides first. These descriptions are embodied in the two feelings that characterize the foundations of my work: contradiction and ambiguity. These feelings, which are expressed visually on my canvas, serve as my own communication window and my key to enlightenment. In the modern world, where all politics, economy, culture, and art are connected to one another, everything can be both a problem and a solution. In this chaotic state, people are living contradicting and ambiguous lives.

In my work, humans and animals go through my own reinterpretation and become newly created images in the chaotic space from my own imagination. On canvas, I break, partially erase, and take away these re-interpreted images to the extent that the remaining images are left contradictory and ambiguous, losing their own colors. I aim to evoke profound emotions; these deeply hidden feelings would ultimately help us recover from the wounds caused by the chaotic world. 

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